Frederick J. Gilliland


As described on the General Information page of this web site, the Court has approved a Claim Form to be used to submit a claim. As the Receiver identifies potential claimants, he will send a Claim Form to them. If you believe you have a claim and have not yet received a Claim Form, please contact the Receiver's claims administrator, Steve Tomasky at (214) 871-2100 or and provide him with a current name, address and telephone number. Also tell him which bank account your funds were sent to and when. If you know of anyone else who invested, urge them to contact the Receiver's staff. Although the Receiver would like to discuss this case with each investor, his schedule usually prevents him from being able to do so. However, you can write the Receiver at 2001 Bryan Street, Suite 1800, Dallas, Texas 75201 or call him at (214) 871-2100. It may take a few days for him or someone from his staff to respond. Please be patient as all inquiries will be answered as time permits. If the Receiver is not available, ask for Mr. Dee Raibourn (an attorney working with the Receiver on this case) or Steve Tomasky (the Receiver's claims administrator). You will be kept updated on any significant developments by the Receiver through this web site.

If you filed a claim form in the related case described in the General Information page as the Rollar Proceedings and the claim actually relates to the Frederick Gilliland case, your claim form will be treated as having been properly filed in these proceedings.