Court-Approved Claim Form and Procedures


On December 20, 2005 the Court approved a Claim Form for use in these proceedings. As a result, several very important procedures were established.

First, the Court approved a Claim Form. Click here to view it. This is the ONLY form which will be accepted by the Receiver.

Second, once you receive the Claim Form from the Receiver, you MUST RETURN IT WITHIN 60 DAYS. Failure to do so may result in your claim being disallowed. You CANNOT submit your completed Claim Form to the Receiver via email. You must mail it. It is suggested that you mail it via registered mail.

The Claim Form will be sent to potential claimants as they are identified by the Receiver. If you believe you have a claim but have not received a Claim Form, please contact the Receiver's Claim Administrator, Lisa Smith at (214) 871-2100 or via email at immediately.

After your completed Claim Form is received by the Receiver, you will be sent a post card which acknowledges receipt and which tells you if you need to do anything further. If the post card tells you that you do not need to do anything further, please do not contact the Receiver's office. It will only increase the costs. If there is anything to report to you, it will be posted on this website.